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The goal of this blog is for you my readers to learn, grow and experience new things. Here are some links to a few of my favorite bloggers. If you know of another modest fashion blogger or a store that sells great modest clothes please send me an email or submit the information on my contact page.

Fresh Modesty is the first blog that got me truly interested in not only fashion, but in blogging. Olivia includes so much on here from style tips to how to make sure that everything you are putting in and on your body is good for you. I encourage you to check out her blog.

Girl Defined Ministries is a great ministry that has blog posts and youtube videos encouraging young women to serve God with their whole hearts. They have a lot of uplifting encouragement for young women of all ages and I always leave their information feeling encouraged.

The Modest Mom Blog is a great place to get encouragement about being a christian mom, organization, homeschooling, modest fashion and other amazing things. While I am not a mom I find a great deal of useful info on her blog. If you are a mom definitely check her out. Caroline is always trying to find hacks and deals to bless her readers with, which is amazing.


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