Clean Out!

Who likes to clean? I get great satisfaction from throwing stuff out as long as it is not my stuff :). Yet while I enjoy throwing stuff out I still find myself  buying or being given stuff I don't like and yet I feel obligated to let it hang around in my closest for a... Continue Reading →


What Is In The Magic Polka Dot Package??

I have a new opportunity for you, my readers, that I am super excited about! I recently bought some stuff from an amazing company called thredUP. ThredUP is basically an online thrift store that is trying to make it easier for people to shop quality clothes and it still be economically feasible. They are all... Continue Reading →

Did You Die?

If you have been worrying about me being dead, worry no longer. I am, in fact, alive and apologetic for not posting anything in over a month. I have become one of those bloggers I never wanted to be. The one who gets really excited posts eleven blogs(still pretty proud I have published that many)... Continue Reading →

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