Thankfulness & Black Friday Deals

I hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving. I am thankful for a lot of things this year. First of all I am thankful for Christ who died on the cross for ME, a sinner! I am also thankful for my family and friends, who I can't wait to spend the day talking, laughing... Continue Reading →

What Is In The Magic Polka Dot Package??

I have a new opportunity for you, my readers, that I am super excited about! I recently bought some stuff from an amazing company called thredUP. ThredUP is basically an online thrift store that is trying to make it easier for people to shop quality clothes and it still be economically feasible. They are all... Continue Reading →

Outfits Are Back!

I'm back! My summer has been a great time of fun, relaxation and a whole lot of work, if those things even go together. It has been a long summer of work uniforms and uninteresting outfits and I am so excited to get back into the school grind if only to be able to pick... Continue Reading →

10 by 10 Challenge

Sorry It has taken so long to get these uploaded. Two days after school let out I started working 40 hours a week. Things have just spiraled downhill from there. Between a friends wedding, a summer class and babysitting/cleaning/landscaping on the side my time seems to have gotten away from me. So a 10 by... Continue Reading →

First Half of April Style Challenge

So I have been trying to do the April style Challenge faithfully. I have been successful every single day, but taking pictures of that success is a different story. Here is the existing pictures of the successful first half of the month. Sorry for the different quality of the photos sometimes I actually had someone... Continue Reading →

Jean Skirts

Lets talk about jeans.....jean skirts that is. I love my jean skirts. I could live for a month living only in my jean skirts and I would be one happy girl. Jean skirts are comfortable and they  go with anything. They can be dressed up or dressed down down depending on the occasion. I love... Continue Reading →

April Style Challenge

Hi All! I want to challenge everyone to do this April style challenge. It can really help you use the clothing you already have in your closest to make new outfits. I have already done it for a couple of days and it has really helped me come up with some new ideas. I will... Continue Reading →

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