Where Is My Heart At?

Are you tired of hearing "go here to meet a guy" "change this attitude to become more attractive to someone" "get more involved in ministry, thats where all the great christian guys are" "Visit other churches, expand your scope of where you are looking for a godly man" I have heard these statements and many... Continue Reading →


Don’t Get Married, And Other Advice From a 9 Year Old

I was recently babysitting at a dear friends of mine's house. As always I was having a blast playing with toys. When else does a 19 year old get an excuse to watch a movie, play with dolls and enjoy a good board game? If you are stressed I recommend taking up occasional babysitting, because... Continue Reading →


  Crash! Shattered glass everywhere. "Leslie really! That is the second dish this week." The teasing about my klutziness ensued yet again.  In case you don't know I am the hugest klutz around. My mom has not been able to have a complete set of  glasses and plates since I came into this world 19... Continue Reading →

Roll With the Punches

Saying that my mission trip to the Philippines over winter break got off to an interesting start is putting it mildly. Over half of our 16 member teams' luggage was missing for three days. Three days in 90 degrees with one change of clothing   You might be thinking three days, that doesn't sound like... Continue Reading →

Proud To Be A Mess!

I am blessed that my university is only half an hour away from my house. This enables me to to live at home, while going to school.  You might be thinking, "What does that have to do with that terrible mess that you call a room?" Well, as a commuting college student sometimes it seems... Continue Reading →

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