December Style Challenge

It's been a while since we have done a style challenge so I thought it was high time we did another one. I will try and post pictures of what I wear and I would love to see what you wear too if you are following along so we can gain ideas from each other.... Continue Reading →


Thankfulness & Black Friday Deals

I hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving. I am thankful for a lot of things this year. First of all I am thankful for Christ who died on the cross for ME, a sinner! I am also thankful for my family and friends, who I can't wait to spend the day talking, laughing... Continue Reading →


  Crash! Shattered glass everywhere. "Leslie really! That is the second dish this week." The teasing about my klutziness ensued yet again.  In case you don't know I am the hugest klutz around. My mom has not been able to have a complete set of  glasses and plates since I came into this world 19... Continue Reading →

2nd Half of April Style Challenge

Two Blog Posts this week! Don't get too used to it 🙂 . It is finals week around here, but after finals I start working at my summer job so sadly I don't think there will be that much more time. I am going to try and continue to get blogs uploaded every Saturday though... Continue Reading →

First Half of April Style Challenge

So I have been trying to do the April style Challenge faithfully. I have been successful every single day, but taking pictures of that success is a different story. Here is the existing pictures of the successful first half of the month. Sorry for the different quality of the photos sometimes I actually had someone... Continue Reading →

Why A Blog???

My name is Leslie and I am writing a blog....... My name is Leslie, welcome to my blog....... My name is Leslie, enter into my blog. You might have gathered that I am not very good at witty titles. I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, because if I'm honest I... Continue Reading →

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