Five Things You Need When You Travel

I have traveled a lot this year. I finally calculated how much traveling I have done this year and was shocked to find I have been away from home over 14 weeks this year! This year I have visited 7 countries and 6 states plus the District of Colombia! In all of these travels I thought I would share five hacks I learned along the way to make traveling as stress free and easy as possible as we are in the holiday season and everyone is traveling.


This year I flew on five different airlines in my travels and the most helpful thing to navigating  the different airlines is to get their app. Most major airlines have an app now and it can make checking in a breeze not to mention having your boarding pass on your phone and notifications about flight changes. Different airlines have different amenities you can access on the app as well. For instance on the Alaska Airlines app you can change your seat up to thirty minutes before departure so I always look to see if there is a row less crowded then the one I am sitting in available. A couple times I have managed to get the whole row to myself even on crowded planes.

2. Use Packing Cubes

With every major airlines in the states charging for baggage packing light is Essential, but if I am going to be honest I am by no means a light packer. Packing cubes are amazing about keeping your clothing organized and compressed.  I have two a small one and a large one from REI and they work great, but you can also find cheeper ones on amazon as well. I used these when I went to Europe with only a backpack to my name and they were a lifesaver!


This is the large packing cube holding 8 shirts 1 dress and 1 pair of leggings. I could have fit probably two more shirts too. Pretty Impressive

3.Buy fast drying multi-purpose clothing

Traveling light means stopping to wash clothes every couple of days, but who has the time or money to sit around doing laundry for three hours when you could be out exploring. I love this Royal Robin skirt because it’s  lightweight has three amazing pockets making it perfect for adventuring and you can wash it out at night and it will be dry by morning. You can find these skirts on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price or I bought one of mine over at Thredup. They are the best adventure skirt! Pack lightweight easy to wash clothes.


4. Bring Sanitizing Wipes

Airports and airplanes are gross places and there is nothing worse then being sick on vacation, I did it recently, trust me. People might call you that weird paranoid person, but watch this video and you too will be wiping down your airplane tray table. I buy these wipes because they are hypoallergenic and I can use them on my hands too!


5.Bring a water bottle

I know this one is kind of obvious but it can save you SO much money. I bought a Life Straw so I feel comfortable drinking water anywhere from the airport water fountain to a creek on the Appalachian trail knowing that the bacteria will all be removed and the chlorine reduced(I hate chlorine in my water). A normal water bottle is amazing too. I like to travel with both in case I lose one I have a backup 🙂


This is a bonus sugestion, buy the luggage with four wheels. They make hauling your luggage around a breeze and if you are like me and insist on walking the “15 minutes” to the hotel in Prague then they are a lifesaver! I only have a large four wheeled suitcase and am looking to buy a small cary on size one so let me know in the comments, which brand you recommend/love because no more two wheeled suitcases for me.

Well I hope these hacks help you plan you next trip with ease. Wether you are traveling to visit family for the holidays or staying at home I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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