One Dress Styled 5 Ways!

There is a reason the black dress never goes out of style.  There are so many different ways to wear a black dress. I have owned one black dress for a couple years now(I thrifted it, big surprise there) and I wear it to for every type of event and with a multitude of different accessories. There are so many accessories you can add to your black dress: a scarf, tied shirt, necklace, boots, sandals, colored tights. You can chose different pieces to add depending on your mood and the activity you are doing. There is so many things you can do with a black dress. If you don’t have one in your closet, what are you waiting for! I am going to show you a couple different things I did to turn one dress into a multitude of different outfits and then maybe I will have you convinced that if you don’t own a black dress you need to.

Denim jackets can totally make a black dress less formal. I love wearing a denim jacket in the spring and summer because it makes you look ready for an afternoon picnic or coffee with friends.


A plaid shirt. This is maybe by far one of my favorite things to do with my black dress. It can make your black dress look super casual and cute. This definitely something I do a lot in the summer.


Wear a scarf. Scarves of all shapes and sizes make your black dress look amazing. I love this more winterly look with my blanket scarf, hat, winter boots and tights. It’s winter a lot of the year around here so a colorful scarf of some sort is probably my go to winter look.

Blanket Scarf

Do you have a formal event to attend? Don’t worry about it. Wear your black dress on its own with heels and an elegant necklace or for a little more interest add a dressy cardigan.

Nice Dress

This is the worst picture by far, but the daylight outside was fading fast so I was confined to the bad lighting inside the house. I love wearing a vest and booties with my black dress as it keeps me warm and it looks really stylish.

Better Vest

I hope this gives you some ideas of how to dress up your black dress. If you don’t own a black dress and want to I am including some links to some decently priced modest black dresses. Definitely check out  ThredUp’s black dress selection as sometimes there is a good deal on there. I also really love this Black Dress (its on my wish list) or this amazing dress which has pockets!

AK Girl Out ♥

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