Outfits Are Back!

I’m back! My summer has been a great time of fun, relaxation and a whole lot of work, if those things even go together. It has been a long summer of work uniforms and uninteresting outfits and I am so excited to get back into the school grind if only to be able to pick my own outfits again. I am actually really excited to start blogging again. I have really missed it. How has your summer been?

I have been trying to take some outfit photos so here are some of the outfits I wore for my first couple weeks back at school.

The first day of class requires a confident look…. the old car definitely helps that.


Shirt Eddie Bauer – Thrifted $8

Skirt RB Collection- Given

Boots Nature Soul $20 

Essential oil Necklace-My friend got it for me and I am in love! Does anybody else use essential oils? What our your favorite scents? I personally love mint and wild orange.


I’m back working at the university  and you can tell because my friend the mirror is back 🙂 I loved putting a vest over my Lands End dress. I wear this dress all the time as you all probably know, but it is so versatile I can’t resist.


Land’s End Dress-Thrifted $18

Docker Vest-Gift

Shoes Great Northwest-Given


Probably my least favorite outfit from these five. The fit is not quite right and I didn’t do my hair on that day, but you win some you lose some.

IMG_6967Shirt Ann Taylor- Given

Skirt- Gift

Boots Nature Soul $20 


My favorite outfit that I have put together in weeks.  So in love with this shirt that I bought this summer! Huge shocker I bought it new!


 Jacket Metaphor $5

Shirt Nine West Jeans – $16

Skirt Apropos-$12

Red Shoes!- Given


This outfit was so simple to put together and the hat was a last minute decision, but I think it works.  Ignore the Pink hair tie, not sure what happened there. As a side note I am currently house sitting. I was working on this blog post and couldn’t remember what brand of skirt this was and couldn’t just look in the closet. I wear this skirt all the time so I was sure it must be in another blog post so I could look up the brand. Shockingly it isn’t! Honestly thought this skirt probably gets worn once a week. Best thing I ever convinced my brother to buy me for Christmas. In my defense he asked for my help because he was out of ideas:).


Cardigan Great Northwest – $15

Shirt Sonoma- $5 Thrifted

Skirt????nobody knows- $15

Boots- $20

Hat AEO- Given

Anyway there is a week plus of outfits. I am trying to get back into blogging so bare with me as I get back in the groove. Shooting for blog posts twice a month with fingers crossed.

AK Girl Out ♥

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