10 by 10 Challenge

Sorry It has taken so long to get these uploaded. Two days after school let out I started working 40 hours a week. Things have just spiraled downhill from there. Between a friends wedding, a summer class and babysitting/cleaning/landscaping on the side my time seems to have gotten away from me.

So a 10 by 10 challenge is where you get ten outfit items and you have to mix and match those items to make outfits for ten days. I had a blast doing it……..a month and a half ago 🙂

For the 10 by 10 challenge I chose my

1.Black dress Tianello (thrifted) $12

2.  Blue Lands End Dress (thrifted) $15.

3. Skirt-Baccini(thrifted) $8.

4. Gloria Vanderbil (thrifted) $8

5. Green t-shirt (thrifted) $5

6. Laura Scott (thrifted) $15

7. Denim Jacket $5

8. Ann Taylor Sweater ??

9. Boots Ariat- $150

10.Shoes- Great Northwest given

I didn’t take pictures every day(typical me). I need to get a better tripod so I can take my own pictures, but here are the ones I did get.

Day 1 I love this dress and I think I wore it the most.


Day 2 Obviously No Photographer IMG_6118

Day 3 Probably my favorite outfit from this challenge.





Day 4 (I kind of cheated on this one with an unapproved sweater but I really needed something a little warmer for an outside work activity)


Day 5 ( The best part of this outfit is the socks and the laughter 🙂


Day 6 Added a hat for some extra flair!


Day 7 Actually did a small photo shoot for this day. Love how the pictures turned out.




I had a lot of fun doing this challenge and I will probalby do it again once I am not confined so often to work uniforms blah. Some of my followers also had fun with this challenge. My friends Sarah and Anna had a blast doing this challenge and Sarah graciously offered to let me share a photo of her.


Sarah is a really talented seamstress and actually made the dress that she is wearing in this picture. Go check out her awesome Etsy shop!

Thanks for sticking with me through the terribly inconsistent blogs. Hope you all are enjoying the rest of your summer.

AK Girl Out

*Photo Credit to my little brother. He took all the photos and if he keeps it up he could put me out of one of my side jobs.



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  1. Leslie, that first outfit is my favorite! Wow, that color is PERFECT for you. Keep posting, and I’ll keep reading 🙂
    -Rebekah H. (Your old “Ptarmigans” friend!)

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