You Taught Me Everything

As I get older I appreciate even more everything my mom has done for me. As a homeschooling mom of three she was constantly busy trying to teach us reading,writing and arithmetic. Not only did she educate us on these important subjects, but she also taught me and my two brothers real life skills such as how to bake bread, plant a garden, work hard without complaining, milk a goat and never to expect a hand out.


All these things that she taught us are very important on this earth, but eternally, not so much. That’s why she taught us above all to love God. In her every action she showed us how important following God’s will for our lives is, and why it is vitally important to make time for church, Bible study and prayer. Her and my dad’s dedication to making sure we were in church practically every time the doors opened set a precedent that I believe us three will carry for the rest of our lives. Her dedication in driving us all around creation so we could serve others and really develop a love for service is something I will forever be grateful for. Now for me and my siblings it is second nature to offer to help someone in need because she taught us how important it was to help people that were not as blessed as us.


My mom is not naturally a meek and quiet person, I am a lot like her in this regard and a lot of other ways that I won’t get into, because you would be here for hours, but she tries to be the quiet gentle loving person when that is called for. She often gently tells me that I don’t always have to have the last word even when I think/know I’m right ;). Her example of what a christian wife and mom looks like is inspiring.  Her gentle guiding towards living a life guided completely by Christ is why my mom is easily my biggest role model.

❦ love you Momma Happy Mothers Day.❦

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