2nd Half of April Style Challenge

Two Blog Posts this week! Don’t get too used to it 🙂 . It is finals week around here, but after finals I start working at my summer job so sadly I don’t think there will be that much more time. I am going to try and continue to get blogs uploaded every Saturday though so stay tuned. Anyway hope you enjoy what I wore for the rest of the April Style Challenge.

April 18th Favorite Necklace

So I am terrible at taking pictures of myself. You can’t even see the necklace in this picture. Luckily I wore the same necklace a couple days later so look at the next picture to be able to see the necklace.


Shirt Mossimo Supply Co- $3 Thrifted 

Skirt Horny Toad- $12 Thrifted 

April 20th Leather Look 

The UAF(the college I am attending) buisness department  gave away free buisness attire to students last semester and I got this great dress that I never would have bought, but i ended up really liking.


Dress Cartise- Given by UAF 

Cardigan great northwest Indigo- $15 

April 24th Its Sport Time

I don’t have a full length mirror, but thankfully there is one at work. It comes in very handy.


Skirt-French Cuff $6 Thrifted

Shirt ExFFI- ?????

April 27th Cardigan Weather.

It’s not really a cardigan, but I don’t know what category to really put it in. This picture was taken back on my favorite road in Cantwell, AK. It was a little busier last week then when I was down here two weeks ago and I had to worry a little bit more about getting run over 😉 .


Sweater Coldwater Creek 

Shirt-Liz Wear 

Skirt Hoarny Toad- Given by UAF Buisness department 

Boots- $20

April 28th Dress for success

My best friend Ally and I recently went down to Homer, AK(a 12 hour drive) for a dear friends wedding. This is what I wore to the wedding.


Dress Bought recently at a thrift store for $12

Jacket-Denim Jacket -Metaphor $5(clearance rack!)

Shoes- Grandma

April 29th Classic, but Comfortable. 


Shirt Vintage America Collection $????

Skirt-Koshier Casual

Boots $20 (Still in need of new brown boots 🙂 )

Washington D.C Sweater not pictured because I took it off for the photos, but in all reality I was traipsing around in the baggiest most comfortable sweater ever. See normal person.

April 30th Break out the sandals

I was on my way back from the trip to Homer on the 30th and I did not pack sandals, but here is this gem from the twelve hour long drive back. Ally and I took turns driving all the way back leaving at 6:30 am. Lets just say by the halfway mark craziness had set in to stay for the rest of the trip. Grandma was smart to move to the back seat so she wasn’t caught in the crossfire.


Anyway sorry the second half of April is not as complete at the first, but things got crazy busy and I never seemed to have a photographer handy. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I wore in April and maybe you even participated. I was talking to a friend of mine recently (you know who you are) and I was really happy to hear that she had been trying to do the April challenge. If you participated tag me on social media or drop me a line  I would love to hear about your experience and if this challenge helped you feel motivated to get dressed in the morning. What else could I do to help you want to dress modestly instead of it being a chore? I am always open for suggestions.  I am starting a new challenge for the next ten days. I am going to call it the 10×10 challenge. You get ten articles of clothing/shoes and you get to mix and match them to form outfits for ten days. These are the items you get.

2 Dresses

2 Skirts

2 Shirts

2 Sweaters/Jackets

2 Pairs of Shoes

Feel free to accessorize galore and see what you can do with just a few staple pieces. I hope these sort of challenges inspire you to use the wardrobe you have. Have a great rest of the week

AK Girl Out

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