First Half of April Style Challenge

So I have been trying to do the April style Challenge faithfully. I have been successful every single day, but taking pictures of that success is a different story. Here is the existing pictures of the successful first half of the month. Sorry for the different quality of the photos sometimes I actually had someone to take my photos other times it was me and the mirror 🙂


April 1st- Denim- Have I mentioned that I love this skirt? Oh yeah I did a blog post on it .


Skirt-Koshier Casual $39

Shirt-Bit and Bridle $5

Boots-Ariat $150

IMG_8677 (1)

Dress- Lands End Thrift store $15

Shoes- Grandma

April 6th – Sweater Weather. Me and my friend try and work out on Thursday evening and I have to be in town all day so I chose this sweater with a more athletic type skirt. I have had this sweater forever and it doesn’t get much more comfy.


Sweater – Free Country $15

Shoes- Sketcher Grandma

Skirt-Indigo $15

April 7th Stripes Galore. On Friday I was traveling down to Wasilla, AK ,about a six hour drive,  for a church lectureship. This outfit was comfy and really cute. As you can tell the road to Wasilla is very popular in April. It is so busy in Cantwell that I was able to run out in the middle of the road and stand there for five minutes while my brother took my picture. In a month or two the road will be swarming with tourists. If only the tourists knew they beauty of the snow capped mountains that they missed in April.


Shirt-The Limited $7 Thrifted

Skirt- Shaver Lake $6 Thrifted

Boots $20

I love my brown boots but they are about shot. Anybody have any suggestions on where to get a new pair?

April 9th Favorite Outfit. I love this black dress it is so comfy and the plaid shirt keeps it casual. I was in Wasilla for worship Sunday morning and the view from our hotel were stunning!IMG_8741

Dress- Tianello $12 Thrifted

Shirt Gift

Shoes-A dear friend gave them to me probably 5+years ago. Still my go to shoes.

April 11th Scarves galore. Love this scarf and vest paired together. The crazy stressed college student hair, not such a fan of.


Shirt-Danskin $10

 Vest-Dockers Gift

Scarf- Gift

April 13th Pink. I want to put out in the open that I am not a huge pink person, but here I am rocking my pink and loving the 50 degree weather.


Shirt- ????

Skirt-French Cuff $6 Thrifted

Shoes- Great Northwest given

April 14th- Pinterest Inspired.



So not an exact match, but you see where I was going with it.

Shirt- Gap given

Denim Jacket -Metaphor $5(clearance rack!)

Skirt- Colombia borrowed from my mom’s closet, thanks Momma

Shoes- Great Northwest given

Thanks for making it to the end of this post. Which outfit was your favorite?



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