Jean Skirts

Lets talk about jeans…..jean skirts that is. I love my jean skirts. I could live for a month living only in my jean skirts and I would be one happy girl. Jean skirts are comfortable and they  go with anything. They can be dressed up or dressed down down depending on the occasion. I love jean skirts so much that I have a several of them and I refuse to count how many. If you are a christian girl trying to dress more modestly, but you don’t have a jean skirt it could make your life much more difficult. But, what type of jean skirt are you looking for?  Lets face it there are jean skirts out there that are plain not pretty and I have been as guilty as the next girl about wearing them. There are also ones out there that are way to short or too tight. So I thought I would show you what I like and what I don’t like about certain styles of jean skirts. IMG_8625

This knee high Kosher Casual skirt is probably my favorite jean skirt. I bought it to wear in my best friends outdoor wedding. It is a basic piece and one of the reason I love it is because it can either be made into a country type outfit or you can go for a more professional look. You will probably see this skirt again in a more professional way because I seem to wear it at least once a week.  I love that this skirt hits at the perfect length for my 5’3 frame. IMG_8619

It’s not to tight in the back either, which I really appreciate because modesty is important to me which not only means wearing enough clothes, but making sure your clothes aren’t too tight, which can be revealing as well.


Skirt-Koshier Casual $39

Shirt-Bit and Bridle $5

Boots-Ariat $150

(the biggest expenditure ever spent or probalby ever will spend on anything clothing related, but thanks to some birthday money it was possible and I love them!)

Belt was my grandpas.


My second denim skirt here is relatively new to me. I bought it at a thrift store for $8 a couple months ago. Every time I wear this skirt I get complements. I have had random strangers come up to me and tell me how nice it looks. Don’t get worried though it was grandmotherly types not random creepy people. IMG_8657

This skirt is really long which makes it elegant and yet it is not so long you trip over it 😉 I also like the darker almost black denim color that sets it apart from a lot of skirts.


Because it is long and narrow(in real life there is actually quite a bit of leg room under there)it give the effect of slimming and yet its not tight or revealing  at all. What is most important thought is this skirt is comfortable and I can do everything in it which is why I wanted to show it to you. Definitely the best $8 I have spent in a long time.

 Skirt-Baccini (thrift store) $8

Shirt-Danskin $10

 Vest-Dockers Gift

Smile- free from God.

And now the skirt you don’t really want. The reasons there is pictures of this terrible skirt is because, shocker I own this skirt. Terrible right. I am almost embarrassed to post these, but here it goes.  IMG_8669

Where do I start with this skirt? It is so narrow and tight that it bunches up, making it very unattractive in the front. If you also look at it the length is very awkward not to the ground and not mid leg either. This makes for a very unattractive length.IMG_8665

Far to tight and narrow in the back. Not only is it showing to much, but it is not that comfortable to walk in. One requirement for my denim skirts is being able to climb fences in them and I am not able to do that in this skirt.IMG_8666

This is my happy face because now I can get rid of this skirt with no regrets, because it is too revealing and not flattering at all. So weird skirt it’s been nice.

Skirt-you can find at a thrift store in Fairbanks now

Shirt bought eons ago for $15????

Necklace Gift


Boots Black Friday $20

Thanks for looking at jeans skirts today with me I hope this helps you know what to look for it a jean skirt. Basically look for something that is going to work with your body type and be comfortable, because if you are anything like me you wear your jeans skirts when you want to look nice, but comfort and being able to work in them is equally important.




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