Happy National BFF Day

When other people think you are looking at your best friend with love in your eyes...... but really you are laughing at each others weird faces...... and your face is so naturally funny that your BFF starts flapping around from laughing, and I be like what happened to your body.  While I am in the... Continue Reading →

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Spring Outfits

Happy Spring most of the snow is gone now(I took these photos a couple weeks ago), but I wanted to share these fun spring inspired outfits. I am trying to work some more color back into my life.   This was my Easter dress from Nesses dresses. I bought it over black Friday with Easter... Continue Reading →

Where Is My Heart At?

Are you tired of hearing "go here to meet a guy" "change this attitude to become more attractive to someone" "get more involved in ministry, thats where all the great christian guys are" "Visit other churches, expand your scope of where you are looking for a godly man" I have heard these statements and many... Continue Reading →

One Dress Styled 5 Ways!

There is a reason the black dress never goes out of style.  There are so many different ways to wear a black dress. I have owned one black dress for a couple years now(I thrifted it, big surprise there) and I wear it to for every type of event and with a multitude of different... Continue Reading →

Clean Out!

Who likes to clean? I get great satisfaction from throwing stuff out as long as it is not my stuff :). Yet while I enjoy throwing stuff out I still find myself  buying or being given stuff I don't like and yet I feel obligated to let it hang around in my closest for a... Continue Reading →

December Style Challenge

It's been a while since we have done a style challenge so I thought it was high time we did another one. I will try and post pictures of what I wear and I would love to see what you wear too if you are following along so we can gain ideas from each other.... Continue Reading →

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